Polarizing PAR ProteinsPolarizing Myosin FlowsP Lineage Divisions

Our lab is a multi-discplinary group focused on understanding the pattern-forming systems that guide organismal development.  Work over the past decades has been tremendously successful in identifying the molecules involved in these pattern-forming systems, yet we are only beginning to understand how the collective activities of these molecules give rise to patterns at the cell and tissue scale. 

We take systems-level approaches to analyzing the design principles of developmental pattern forming systems in order to address questions such as what are the properties of biological networks permit pattern formation, how are pattern boundaries established, what sets the scale of patterns, and how do pattern-forming networks adapt during growth and development?

Ultimately, this ability of proteins to form patterns that enables cells to know where they are, who they are next to, whether to proliferate or differentiate, to migrate or stay put.  If this process goes awry, the results can be catastrophic.  Our hope is that by understanding the fundamental biology behind pattern formation, we can help in the development of the next generation of treatments and therapies.

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