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Intracellular scaling mechanisms (review). S. Reber and N.W. Goehring. Cold Spring Harbor Perspectives in Biology. (2015).  Web

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See Going with the flow: an elegant model for symmetry breaking and Cell polarization: Mechanical switch for a chemical reaction


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See In Focus: PAR proteins cross the boundary.


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Current version of FRAP analysis software available here.


Membrane invaginations reveal cortical sites that pull on mitotic spindles in one-cell C. elegans embryos.  S. Redemann, J. Pecreaux, N.W. Goehring, K. Khairy, E.H.K. Stelzer, A.A. Hyman and J. Howard.  PLOS One. 5(8): e12301 (2010).  WebPDF


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See Cell polarity: Keeping worms LeGaL.

Rapid β-lactam-induced lysis requires successful assembly of the cell division machinery.  H.S. Chung*, Z. Yao*, N. W. Goehring*, R. Kishony, J. Beckwith and D. Kahne. PNAS 106(51):21872-21877 (2009). *Equal contribution.  WebPDF

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See  The order of the ring: Assembly of Escherichia coli cell division components.

Diverse paths to midcell: assembly of the bacterial cell division machinery (Review).  N. W. Goehring and J. Beckwith.  Current Biology 15(13):R514-26 (2005).  PDF

IcsA, a polarly localized autotransporter with an atypical signal peptide, uses the Sec apparatus for secretion, although the Sec apparatus is circumferentially distributed.  L.D. Brandon, N. Goehring, A. Janakiraman, A. W. Yan, T. Wu, J. Beckwith and M. B. Goldberg.  Molecular Microbiology 50(1):45-60 (2003).  PDF

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Proteophosphoglycans of Leishmania mexicana. Molecular cloning and characterization of the Leishmania mexicana ppg2 gene encoding the proteophosphoglycans aPPG and pPPG2 that are secreted by amastigotes and promastigotes.  U. Göpfert, N. Goehring, C. Klein and T. Ilg.  Biochemical Journal 344:787-95 (1999).  PDF

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