Lab News

Rukshala joins the lab!

A big welcome to Rukshala Illukkumbura, our PolarNet fellow, who joins the lab from Takashi Hiiragi’s group at EMBL.  Just managed to avoid packing up the lab...

Saying goodbye to Lincoln’s Inn Fields

After a week of packing and decontaminating our space, our LIF lab is officially closed.  Next stop Midland Road...

@ Kavli Institute of Theoretical Physics

Lars and Nate just got back from 3 weeks at QBio course at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics at UCSB.  Thanks to all the students who enthusiastically embraced the project, to Boris & Madhav for organising and the Rothman Lab for helping our worms make the transition to their temporary environs in sunny CA!

Joana joins the lab!

A big welcome to Joana Pinto, who joins the lab from Peter Lénárt’s group at EMBL!

PolarNet goes live!

PolarNet is a European wide training and research network that will leverage the expertise of public and private labs in seven European in a multi-disciplinary approach to uncover the basic principles of cell polarity.  …

Crick Lab Tour


Donning hard hats and requisite safety gear, today we got to see our new space at the Crick!  While we’ll miss our view of Lincoln’s Inn Fields, the new view includes St Pancras and the British Library, so not so bad.

Inaugural GENIE Meeting

Just got back from the inaugural GENIE meeting for junior C. elegans researchers in Europe.  A big thanks to Sophie Jarriault and everyone else for organising a great meeting.

Congrats Philipp!

Philipp’s paper on the behavior of cell polarity models is out in the recent special issue of New Journal of Physics - Focus on Physical Models in Biology: Multicellularity and Active Matter.  …

Exploring the Microworld Workshop

The DMS Lab as part of a group of Cancer Research UK scientists took part in the 2014 Schools Science Conference on 19 March 2014 at the Royal College of Pathologists to help present the “Exploring the Microworld” workshop.

Hard at work

Nice to see all the Worm Scopes being put to good use...

On spindle length and shape

A big thanks to Simone Reber from the MPI-CBG for dropping by the LRI to give a seminar entitled "On Spindle Length and Shape."  She presented her model for spindle length control based on mass balance, recently out in NCB.  …

The view... for now

Although having to climb up six flights of stairs quite often due to tempermental lifts, being up this high in the building does have its advantages.  And we even occasionally get some sun, really...

Opening Day!

The lab officially opened today!  Just Nisha and I, a (mostly) empty lab and a plan.  Actually, not totally empty - we've got a pile of boxes to unpack, including our new Nikon Worm Scopes.

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